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Information on Accommodation in Hervey Bay


Are you looking for an upscale accommodation to spend your holiday in Hervey Bay? Whether you want to have a family adventure, romantic getaway, or a private retreat you can choose where to stay from a range of stunning accommodations in Hervey Bay. Ideally, you will find a lovely place to stay, a calm environment, and a great atmosphere for your holiday.

There are holiday homes, bed and breakfast establishments, caravan parks, flats, apartments, and quality resorts and motels that suit all types of visitors. Besides, you will find wonderful al cartel menus to enjoy. In case you are not looking for a five-star eating, you will still find a range of great café throughout the bay.

Here are different types of accommodations you can find in Hervey Bay

Hervey Bay Resorts

Hervey Bay has many resorts you can live in and enjoy a more than 15 km seashore near the walkway. Any of them has got everything that you need. You will have access to the room service, game rooms, swimming pools, and good restaurants where you will enjoy great meals. For more information check out Oceans Resort & Spa in Hervey Bay


In Hervey Bay, many tourist’s facilities are available. These entails a shot stroll along the beaches and around the shops. In case you opt for a high level 41/2 star accommodations, there are swimming pools, Tv’s, or you can decide to have a simple couch and room suite.

Bed & Breakfast Package

Bed and Breakfast at Hervey Bay are arranged more to your style. The bay has the most renowned Bed & Breakfast offers. There are quality Motels that range from 3-5 star that would be suitable for either a weekend away or a business conference. If you are considering to pampered on weekend or holiday, then Hervey Bay’s bed and breakfast is the best package for you. It features, some air-conditioners, VCR’s TV’s Large en-suites, and your balcony. Besides, you will have an added advantage of being picked up from and dropped at the Hervey Bay’s aerodrome.

Holiday Household Package

If you are planning to have a holiday out with your family or friends, Hervey Bay has a number of holiday household packages where you can comfortably live and enjoy your special time. Every house is complete and comes with all types of things you may want to have like kitchenware, beddings, TV, and many more thus providing you a perfect gateway break.

Timeshare Ownership

If you are among those people who would like to spend their holidays regularly in Hervey Bay, then timeshare housing choice is the most convenient for you. Each year, you will be privileged to be assured of a prepaid choice of accommodation, and therefore, you will forget about making reservations. Hervey Bay has got several timeshare options to pick from with facilities like full kitchen, isolated sleeping rooms for children are parents together with various onsite activities that will make you have fun.


At Whatever budget you have or preferences if any, Hervey Bay contains everything you need and will satisfy you as desired. Whether you would wish to live in a resort or a lavish flat, a holiday unit or a very clean and relaxed motel, you don’t need to worry. You can decide to either stay longer or even just an overnight. Still, you will enjoy some activities and great attractions as you laze your time on the secure exceptional seashores.

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