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Whale & Dolphin Watch

Whale & Dolphin Watch NZ Ltd

Whale & Dolphin Watch is a unique marine mammal encounter. View whales and swim with dolphins and seals in their own natural environment. Our endeavour is to provide you with an experience of a lifetime…

General Information

  • Depart twice daily at 8:30am or 1:30pm*
  • Check-in 30 minutes prior to departure
  • For options and prices click here
  • Minimum age to swim is 7 years
  • Light snack and hot beverage provided

*Dependent on marine weather conditions and demand

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…your experience of a lifetime

When you arrive you will be greeted with a friendly smile.

We provide you with a briefing of what to expect, health and safety, and how to interact with the marine mammals we will encounter.

For swimmers we provide you with the equipment you will need; wetsuit, mask, snorkel, and flippers.

Your guide will accompany you to the wharf directly in front of the Whakatane i-Site where our vessel and Skipper await.

On your journey up the Whakatane river (Ohinemataroa is the river’s Māori name) you will hear some of the fascinating Māori history and stories of our area.

As we venture further out to sea, your guide will be informative regarding the wildlife and marine mammals you will see including dolphins, birds, fish, and the species of whales.

The wild dolphins are a breathtaking sight, especially when found in large pods. When they see us coming, they strive for position at the bow of our vessel for an effortless ride in the wake and the more venturous dolphins provide us with an acrobatic display at the stern (rear) in the white water trail.

Those whom opted for viewing only often envy the swimmers, not only because the water is so refreshing, but also because they hear “wow”, “woohoo”, and “did you hear them talking” as people refer to the extraordinary clicking sounds.

We may get the opportunity to encounter migrating whales. We have had sightings of Orca, Finn, Minke, and Pilot whales on our tour.

On a clear day we enjoy the backdrop of the active and energetic volcano White Island (Whakaari in Māori) and its sulphur plumes. Not far within our view is Whale Island (Moutohorā in Māori). Click here for more information on Whale Island.

Near the end of the tour we skirt the shores of Whale Island, perfect when the native pōhutukawa flowers are in bloom through summer. A brief overview of the island is provided, and we promise you will be captivated at its beauty and history.

We rest within one of the sheltered bays of Whale Island for a much needed hot drink and refueling snack. Then we snorkel with the resident seals, the shallows have an abundance of reef life and growth.

Upon our return you can enjoy a hot shower. We will showcase our collection of Kiwi music. Hopefully you will share your experience with us before we bid you a warm farewell.

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